Some Testimonies:


When asked by a work colleague if he was a Born Again Christian, Easton replied “no, I’m an Anglican, a church goer and I pray often to God!”

This question made Easton thirsty for the true Gospel and so he met regularly with the Christians in his workplace.

His testimony is a tribute to those work colleagues who loved him enough to share the true Gospel of repentance and forgiveness of sins.


In 1999 Solomon was sent to jail for murder – He could have no idea what would happen next….

“While I was in prison, my wife came to visit and said ‘listen, I want a divorce, I can’t continue’ – when she left I was broken and called out in prayer and many joined me… Two or three weeks went by and she came back and said she would continue with me.  I thank God for that, because I had never been a good husband to my wife.  I thought I was a good man, but I had to go down on my knees and repent.”   

1 PETER 3:15

“… I went to the older ladies at church because they were always there for me.  And they said, “I must always remember, always remember, that I am never alone, because God is on my side”.  Monica





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