Pastoral Care


At Trinity we see the Pastoral Care of our congregation  as a Community Project.  Jesus said that the greatest command was that we are to love God and the second is to love one another.  For this reason we seek to encourage the whole church to ‘pursue one another’ because Christ loved them first.

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Community Resources:

Narcotics Anonymous

Local help for addicts and their loved ones.

Handling Conflict

10 biblical rules for handling conflict in a godly way.

Pregnancy & Drugs

What are the impacts of taking heroin when you are pregnant?

Alcoholics Anonymous

Local help for alcoholics and their loved ones.

Coping with depression

17 helpful tips to alleviate the symptom of depression.


Dealing with the unthinkable - How do we handle the death of a baby or infant?

Frequently asked questions

Everyone in the church is able to join the work of building up, equipping and loving the church and the community around them.  Speak to Mark to see where you may be able to help out – where your gifts will be put to best use.

Speak either to your Pastor or if you attend Trinity speak to Andrew, Yolanda or to Mark.

If you speak with either your Pastor, or with Mark or with Yolanda you can be assured that whatever you are seeking assistance with will be handled with the strictest confidentiality.   

Where appropriate the church will help in cases of urgent and short-term need.  You will be asked to complete a form, which details your situation, including whether or not you are church member.  Once you apply the Pastoral Team will assess your situation and offer help on that basis.  The help offered may end up being non-financial.

There are counsellors available at each of our churches.  If you would like to speak to somebody please speak to your pastor or contact Yolanda (details below).

For further information relating to Pastoral Care:  Contact Yolanda