Why is Love so Hard?

It’s a good job that God doesn’t behave like we do when He is busy trying to mould and shape our hearts! Love is a messy thing…

Anxiety Loss and the Kingdom

2020 was a terrible year – a year of disease, change and fear. How are we to cope in the face of such loss?

‘So Called’ Coloured

Recently I discovered I’m a “so called coloured”. People say we have no inheritance nor identity, (even experts growing up in the coloured community). These same experts now live in the affluent Southern Suburbs; still ‘coloured’, but now educated.

Gatvol, Brown Lives Matter

I couldn’t work today because of protesting on the Cape Flats. GATVOL called for a peaceful protest, but opportunists used the momentum to drive home a point. South Africans know how to protest, there’s no marching with placards… No these guys burn tyres, hurl rocks and generally threaten violence.

To skarrel or not to skarrel

skarrel / ‘skirel’/ v. (skarrelled, skarreling) intr. live by begging, hustling or mining.