Audio Sermons:

Many of our congregation don’t have the luxury of Wi-fi, so you will find most of our sermons are just 10 to 15 minutes long and recorded only in audio format.  If you want to speak to somebody about any of the media on this website you’re welcome to email us:  Email Andrew.

Easter 2020

Pastors Andrew and Len preach on the Easter Weekend from 2 Timothy 1 and from 1 Corinthians 17.

Good Friday
Andrew Barnes
Easter Sunday
Len Ritchie

New Series - Joshua

"As you journey with Israel think about God's character and how the passage speaks to you within it".
Andrew barnes

Joshua 1

Joshua 2-3

Joshau 3-5

Joshua 5-6

Joshua 7

Joshua 9-11

Joshua 13-18

Joshua 20

Joshua 23-24

More Sermons

As Covid-19 chases us away from church buildings, we will be posting more sermons here on a weekly basis.

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