To skarrel or not to skarrel

skarrel / ‘skirel’/ v. (skarrelled, skarreling) intr. live by begging, hustling or mining. 1 To ask for food (“Don’t you have a little bread for me?“), to ask earnestly for small amounts from a given community in order to feed one’s family. An act or instance of hustling.  To manipulate or to coerce.  3 Always on the look-out for something.  Activity increases at the end of the month when those who are skarreled get paid.  4.  Struggling to make a living, but trying to do something about it.

Skarreling is a way of life for many on the Cape Flats, and it’s the reason why lock-down and social distancing won’t work in the townships.  If you would like to help these people stay at home you can make a donation through any of our three churches.  Our banking details are here (, and be assured that 100% of the money you donate will be spent on grocery vouchers for distribution within the local community, by members of the local community.

Thanks for joining us on the Cape Flats.

Jaki North, Master Skareller